Makeup Artist Salary & Job Outlook

Makeup artists get to enjoy the delighted look on someone’s face after enhancing their natural beauty, giving someone a new look, and even applying special makeup and prosthetics to help create characters for film and TV. Another perk of the job is that being a professional makeup artist can be lucrative.


As with most careers, a …
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Makeup Artist Certification and License Guide

If you’re enthusiastic about makeup artistry, nothing is as exciting as turning that passion into your livelihood. It’s the perfect opportunity to earn a comfortable living while doing what you love. To work as a professional makeup artist (MUA), you need more than determination and knowledge of the latest beauty trends — you may also …
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Top 10 Careers That Can’t Be Replaced by AI or Automation

Technology has been revolutionary but as it continues to advance more and more jobs are being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Automation and artificial intelligence have impacted society, with both the benefits of economic growth and innovation and the potentially adverse effects, like job and labor replacement. An Oxford Economics report on how …
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Could the Beauty Community Be More Diverse?

The global cosmetics market is expanding and expected to reach roughly $430 billion by 2022. In this period of growth, the industry is evolving and becoming more complex to meet consumer desires and preferences to become more sustainable as well as diverse. The adoption of inclusivity and diversity has had a positive impact on the …
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How to Sanitize and Disinfect Makeup

You should put just as much effort into cleaning your makeup products as your makeup routine. Products touch both you and your clients’ faces every day, making them a breeding ground for bacteria or diseases, should you fail to sanitize makeup and tools properly. 

Providing a clean and safe environment for your work is just as …
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Halloween Makeup Removal Tips

People familiar with makeup know it’s never a good idea to sleep with traces of product on their face. Makeup clogs the pores, causes acne flare-ups, and ruins your skin. Halloween makeup is even more challenging to remove because you use heavy products like body paint, glues, silicone, etc., to achieve the desired look. Here …
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