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Professional Makeup Artist

Transforming Lives

The Artistic Journey of Lissette Waugh, making a Professional Makeup Artist

Lissette Waugh, a prominent figure in the world of makeup artistry, hails from the glitter and glamor of Las Vegas. Known for her exceptional talent and determined drive, Lissette has built a successful career as a professional makeup artist and is the proud founder of L Makeup Institute.

From a young age, Lissette was fascinated with the transformative power of cosmetics. This passion led her to pursue her dream of becoming a professional makeup artist. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Lissette devoted years to perfecting her techniques and staying up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the field.

Making Her Mark: Celebrity Makeup Artist

She began building her brand as a Celebrity Makeup Artist by catering to the local socialites of Las Vegas and her world-famous celebrity clientele. Over her career, Lissette’s work has been featured in fashion shows, on television, on billboards, during red-carpet events, and in countless fashion and lifestyle magazines. Lissette’s artistry is celebrated for its versatility, as she effortlessly transitions between glamorous red carpet looks, editorial masterpieces, and her signature flawless natural beauty looks.

In 2010, Lissette channeled her wealth of makeup artistry knowledge to establish one of the top makeup schools in the country. With its stringent standards, comprehensive proprietary curriculum, and the caliber of makeup artists it produces, L Makeup Institute has rapidly emerged as the standard for makeup artistry education. Graduates from the makeup academy are known for their exceptional skills and are sought after by industry leaders.

Professional Makeup Artist

“I am living my dream as a successful Las Vegas based MUA and loving every minute of it! I truly owe my success to Lissette and love her for it.” Wendy R



FCEO – L Makeup Institute

Pro Makeup Artist

“Lissette rocks she really wants her students to become true artists!” Allison J

“The school changed my life.” Michael S


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