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Your knowledge has made an incredible impact on me!
- Renna C

Best decision

Best decision I ever made
- Wendy R


Amazing daily demos and hands on interaction. I love it!
- Michelle F

Lissette Rocks

Lissette rocks she really wants her students to become true artists!
- Allison J

Thank You!

Thank you for letting me be a part of L Makeup Institute I now have my dream job
- Kalie M

I Learned So Much More

I learned so much more than I could have ever imagined
- Daisy V


L Makeup has given me the opportunity to network with people in my industry I never thought I would meet.
- Jessica D


I am blessed to have been taught by such talented and caring individuals
- Ricky P


Incredible experience. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and caring. Be prepared for hard work.
- J

What took me so long!

I\'ve been wanting to go to makeup school for awhile now and just never took the initiative. Finally went to just check out L Makeup Institute and got instantly excited. So glad I decided to attend class. I feel I\'ve learned so much and Lisette and her instructors (mine specifically was Jasmine) were very knowledgeable, willing and able to help, answer questions, and gave great friendly feedback. The only thing I regret is not being able to take the longer course as you have more time to work on the craft as well as more portfolio photos. I will be attending the SFX class and continuing my education with this institution. Thanks for the experience and making me believe I my true gift and career again!
- Brittany T

Becoming a Makeup Artist

Love it! Learned so much and I don\'t want this class to end. Jasmin is the best she makes everything so easy to follow. I would do it all over again if I could. Thank you for everything! Love this place!
- Wendy M

I\'m coming back.

I really enjoyed my experience with this institution. No YouTube video could ever get me as far as I am now, and I do plan on returning next summer to learn more. This school was a perfect balance between professional and fun, as well as cohesive and productive. I wish we had more time to work on lips and time management but that can be understood because I did take an accelerated course. Loved my instructor, Jasmine. She\'s talented and extremely entertaining. There isn\'t a bad thing I can say about this institution.
- Maneenuch Z

l makeup review

I LOVE EVERY ASPECT OF THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jas has been the best teacher and mentor and has taught me so much about this industry and how to be strong as and individual. all around this school to me in one word is HOME. I don\\\'t ever want to leave which is why I plan on taking all of the courses offered here at L to go to be the true artist this school planed for me to be. love u jas!!!!!!!
- briana r


L Makeup Institute is AMAZING. Loved my teachers & my experience. Had a great time while learning so many new things I can do with make up. It\'s totally worth it!
- Christina M

To Become a Makeup Artist

I enjoyed the class a lot, the people and instructors. Jasmine was AMAZING. I wish the course was just a bit longer maybe an extra week. It was hard to master some techniques because of the short amount of time given on each task, it felt rushed at times. I loved having guest (Roger and David) who are so talented and recognizable in the industry. The kit is awesome, wish we could have gotten some lashes with it as well and face charts provided but overall I enjoyed the class a lot, and learned so much. About the photo shoot I wish our photographer could have helped with poses, it was hard for me to know which poses were better because I don\'t have experience with photography, but I appreciated Jasmine\'s help. I\'m going to miss my class and Jasmine.
- Denia B

L Makeup Institute

I really learned so much, I had no idea there were so many products. OMG!!!
- Cassandra R

Never stop believing in yourself

My time at L Makeup Institute has made me into a more confident and well rounded makeup artist. It really felt like family in my class. This experience has been an absolute blessing and I adored every aspect of it.
- Jiteena K

Special Effectsa

Special Effects is what made this whole journey for me! I loved my instructor Tom, he was very knowledgeable and helped me achieve my goals. I am so excited to put my knowledge to the test!!!
- Rebecca Hanson

My Dream

Attending the L Makeup Institute was life changing. Thanks to the L Makeup Institute I now have the skills and education to chase after my dream.
- Paola M.

Excellent School

This is an excellent school, my time spent here has been challenging and very fulfilling. I've grown so much as an artist and would do it all over again if I could.
- Trista G.

Great Education

The school changed my life. It was everything and more I thought it was going to be. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to start a career in makeup.
- Michael S.


Best school I have ever been to. I feel like I'm incomplete without coming here.Amazing experience!!!
- Gladyse S.

Thank you!

I am very glad for the beauty foundation but Makeup Effects and Body Painting still remain my passions. Hold onto Tom as a teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable and cares so much for his students and their success while I am thankful for everything I have learned here, he has made the biggest impact on my time here., Thank you for the opportunity to prove to the world and to myself that I can do this.
- AshMarie P.

Highest level of professionalism

I was able to discover new skills and abilities I never knew I had. I was able to harness a new found confidence and passion within me because of my experience. I found everything to be of the highest level of professionalism and comment the Institute, its instructors and staff, as well as ownership for creativity such an amazing and exciting environment to learn.
- Jeff C.


The L Makeup Institute is exceptional. The instructors are very well equpit and have a vast knowledge in their respective fields (Beauty, Airbrush & Body Painting & SFX). I would recommend the L Makeup Institute to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in this industry.
- Sugalya S.


Going to the L Makeup Institute for me was like biting into a red velvet cream cheese filled cupcake, incomparable to any other dessert in the most amazing way.
- Vanessa M.

Time of my life

Before I found this school I was a waitress, a navigator in the air force and an executive secretary. I was always happy with my career choice at the time, but it wasn't until I started here that I realized how happy I could be! This is my passion, what I was meant to do! I love the look on peoples faces when they see what I see in them,. The people I have met through this program are friends for life!
- Jennifer P.

I could have not had a better education!

I could not have made a better choice then coming to L! Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. Every instructor is amazing and extremely talented. I would absolutely without a doubt come back to KL. I feel I could have not had a better education!
- Nicole M.

Wonderful Experience

The L Makeup Institute was a wonderful experience for me. I sought out the only school in Las Vegas that teaches strictly in the Makeup Industry and I was not disappointment. After graduating from the Journey Program I feel like I have become a very well rounded makeup artist with a variety of skills.
- Miranda D.


By taking the schools offered programs I was given the knowledge and confidence to start m,y career, I would love to take more classes.
- Cory H.


I felt amazing everyday for as long as I was at the L Makeup Institute.
- Stepan A.

Phenomenal school

L Makeup Institute is a phenomenal school. It is very professional and I wouldn't have had it any different. The teachers and staff are great role models and have taught me to continue fighting for what I love and never give up.
- Natalie K.

Life changing

I'm so happy because I've learned so many things at this school, thank you for the support and help. When I came here on my first day I believed I couldn't make it because I never touched a brush in my entire life, you guys changed me!
- Andres B.


This school is awesome! Everyone who works here is here for the students. The instructors are awesome and very nice especially Tom. If you want to learn Makeup FX the right way, then this is the place to come. Tom is awesome!!
- Robert R.

Second Home

L Makeup Institute has become my second home. I couldn't have picked a better school to learn and grow at.
- Eden L.

This school is the BEST!

With every passing class, I found a new internally bred fascination with makeup. This has become my life's purpose and I can whole hardheartedly say this school is the best. The teachers are amazing,talented and very supportive. I wish I had a lifetime membership so that I could take classes forever. I love L Makeup more then they'll ever know.
- Paydon J.


It was a fun experience to start in beauty learning the main focus behind every image. The courses were taught very well. I highly recommend coming to this school for any of you makeup needs and wants.
- Kassity N.

So excited.

I loved L Makeup. I would and did refer a friend to take the course. I learned so much and I loved the staff and my instructors. So excited to start my career in the makeup industry.
- Courtney K.

Nothing like it.

I would have never been able to get the kind of training anywhere else that caters to my needs as a person. The small class sizes, products and teachers that are stars in their fields make a great learning environment. I have no doubt that I'll be back to take any new courses that become available in the future.
- Harmony R.

Thank you L Makeup!

A big thank you to my teachers Jessica & Chris, to this school, and for everyone here who has made this journey so enjoyable. I feel I have grown so much as an artist and am leaving here a more confident woman who cant wait to show everyone my talent. Thank you L Makeup for all that you have done for me.
- Arlethe V.

On my way

My experience at the L Makeup Institute was amazing. They taught me so much to be on my way to be a successful artist. I would definitely recommend this school to anybody who has a passion for makeup.
- Alyssya G.

Best Experience Ever

I had the best experience ever. This has been the best decision I have ever taken in my life. I learned so much, much more than expected.
- Janeth V.

I'm Proud!

Attending L Makeup Institute was the best decision I have ever made. This school not only taught me to improve my makeup skills but it helped me grow as a person and become a better version of myself. It really helped me get out of my comfort zone. The instructors and all the ladies here are amazing!! I am proud to be an L Makeup Institute Alumni!
- Andrea P.

It wasn't until this school...

I always loved playing with makeup but it wasn't until I attended this school where I found my passion for beauty and makeup. I learned so much and I'm grateful for the experience.
- Elimesha G.

Eye-Opening Experience

My experience at the L Makeup Institute is one of the most eye-opening experiences that I will take with me for the rest of my career. The techniques that I was taught made a huge difference when comparing my first makeup application at the school to the last application. If I had to choose to attend the L Makeup Institute again, I would.
- Melinda A.

Passion for makeup

I've always had a passion for makeup artistry, this school was the true start of my journey to becoming a makeup artist.
- Christopher M.

Beginning of my journey

Attending the L Makeup Institute has been a great experience. I learned a lot of new techniques and tips that I will take with me through out my career. I've been passionate about makeup for many years. So coming to this school is only the beginning to my journey.
- Lauren D.

Great and fun experience!

I chose this school because I know it was the right pathway for me. It was one of the best choices I ever made because I had a great and fun experience. If I could do it all over I would.
- Magaly T.

Incredible School

The L Makeup Institute is an excellent program. I was given the tools and education to move forward in my career with conference and knowledge. The facility id clean and well maintained. The store has a wide range of products available for purchase at any time. Teachers are highly skillful, willing to help and guide students to the best of their ability. I urge anyone interested to strongly consider this incredible school.
- Samiha D.

Can't wait to start my career.

Everything was more than I expected. I did love being here. Jessica, Reagan and Tom were great although most of my time was spent in Tom's class. He is a great instructor and I learned a lot from him. I cant wait to start my career.
- Miranda E.

I never thought I could learn so much!

My experience was wonderful. I never thought I could learn so much in such a short period of time. Education was fast, yet high quality. Teachers and staff are wonderful, always looked forward to seeing them. Tom & Lisa really made this experience easy, pleasant, valuable and worthwhile.
- Kathleen G.

Amazing instructor

I am currently in my last week of graduating and I had a blast at this school. I came to learn all the tips about being a MUA and a SFX MUA. I was taught above and beyond by Chris in beauty that it makes me want to always go back and learn more from her. Tom, the SFX teacher knows everything you need to know and taught us how to properly do SFX. I was very amazed by the knowledge in that school. I recommend this to anybody who is looking to excel and go above and beyond in this industry.
- Kassity

100% recommend SFX 101

I would 100% recommend SFX 101 to anyone even slightly interested in it. Tom is one of the coolest teachers ever.
- Reina L.

Leaving with a lot of knowledge!

I enjoyed this school very much, the teachers and staff are very helpful. The beauty course and special effects course we by far my favorite. I've made a lot of friends and had a good time. I do honestly think I am leaving here with a lot of knowledge.
- Olivia G.

I had a lot of fun.

I had a lot of din at L Makeup Institute, and meat a lot of cool people. SFX was my favorite part and I'm glad I took the full Journey program. It was a food experience and and experience that I will never forget.
- Krislin M.

Prepared for jobs!

The teachers prepared us for jobs outside of school and are open for helping us even after we leave school.
- Gianna S.

I had so much fun.

I had so much fun attending the L Makeup Institute. I met so many great people and connections, as well as life long friends. The instructors were so down to earth, never intimidating and truly caring.
- Hilary G.

Absolutely Amazing!

The experience I had at the L Makeup Institute was absolutely amazing. I loved ever lesson I learned. Teachers were very helpful and nice. They helped as much as the could and enjoyed teaching. My instructors passion for what they loved doing gave me more of a passion than I already had before and it just always brightened my day. Thank you for the great experience.
- Carly B.

Moved out of state to attend

L Makeup Institute was beyond anything I could have imagined. I moved from Colorado to Las Vegas just to attend L and i would advise anyone who wants makeup to come to Las Vegas and go to L no matter where you are from, its worth it. I truly feel like L Makeup Institute has thought of everything to teach students to get us ready for the makeup industry. I feel 100% confident about my skills and professionalism as an artist because of L. The instructors, the faculty, the store and the program, its all amazing and truly made an impact on my life.
- Johanna B.

Everyone is amazing

I highly suggest coming to L, it is a fun, educational way of learning about your passion. It is a family environment and everyone is amazing.
- Kasey C.

Ready for the world as a makeup artist!

L Makeup Institute was very beneficial to my career as a makeup artist because it has opened many doors for me with the education they provide, The Institute goes into great depth to teach each student hands on to get them ready for the wold as a makeup artist. Thank you L Makeup Institute.
- Andrea I.

I learned a lot

I feel that I learned a lot and have the personality for this industry.
- Marissa F.

L Makeup Institute is a great school!

The L Makeup Institute is a great school, educating in all aspects of the beauty industry. You will definitely learn a lot and find your comfort zone.
- Marina A.

I learned a lot about makeup.

I learned a lot about makeup and different backgrounds with different people.
- Le N

I learned a lot from the teachers.

My experience art L Makeup institute was such an amazing experience, I learned a lot from the teachers, I came into this school thinking that I was never going to be able to complete the beauty course because I was not as good as everyone else but, thanks to the amazing teachers and staff I was able to become a professional makeup artist.
- Ashley B.

Eye opening

My time at L Makeup Institute has been nothing short of eye opening. I was given all of the tools to perfect my craft & have now discovered the path I'm meant to take in life, The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable truly care about their students. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner.
- Hailie D.

The opportunity to grow!

L Makeup has given me the opportunity to grow as an artist in multiple fields, not only artistically but technically allowing me to grow as a professional.
- Dalia M.

This school has been amazing!

My experience at this school has been amazing. I have learned so much and I have grown so much from wheat I already knew. I'm so thankful for my teachers (Chris, Ragen & Tom) for being patient with me and teaching me the correct ways of doing stuff. I'm sad that its over but its also time to do better and be a way netter make-up artist then what I was yesterday.
- Brenda C.

Best decision I made.

L Makeup Institute was the best decision I made. After graduating high school I was on a hunt for a great school that only focused on what I wanted to study, which was makeup, and L makeup Institute was the perfect match. The instructors and staff are extremely helpful and will make you feel welcomes. L Makeup Institute is like my second family, I recommend this school to anyone striving to know the makeup industry.
- Corina A.

I feel I mastered every craft

L Makeup Institute made me feel I mastered every craft they taught me all while having a blast doing it. I feel very prepared for my future endeavors leaving L and feel I have gained a family. It truly was an amazing experience.
- Taylor S.

Exceptionally Great!

My experience here at L makeup has been nothing short of an amazing experience. The staff is exceptionally great and talented and always ready to answer any questions. Leaving this school I feel well prepared to start working in my career field.
- Keanna V.

Knowledgeable Instructors

The L Makeup Institute has the most knowledgeable instructors I've ever had. I've learned everything I will need for my career.
- Alexandra T.

Starting my career!

The L Makeup Institute gave me the tools and the knowledge that I need in order to start my career as an amazing makeup artist.
- Serena D.

Nothing short of great.

My experience at L Makeup Institute has been nothing short of great. The instructors were wonderful and I think they taught me everything they could. I will carry everything I did learn with me into the future. I would come back to L Makeup Institute again if I could.
- Kimberly Q.

Best Decision.

L Makeup is the best decision you can make as an artist.
- Jace P.

Learning the things I did.

I never thought I would go to school for makeup. It was definitely not the first thing on my mind. BUT after actually coming here and learning the things I did and the experience, it definitely changed my mind!
- Rebecca E,

Begin my new journey.

Attending school here has given me ever tool that I will need to go out into the world and begin my new journey and career in the makeup industry. I believe that this school provides every effort and truly cares about each students personal needs.
- Emily S.

Very lucky!

During my time at L Makeup, I have had instructors that I feel love what they are doing. I have had a class that pushes each other to do greater and I feel like I am very lucky to get the experience that I was able to have.
- Victoria G.

Non stop learning.

I had an incredible time at L Makeup Institute from the first day we started it was non stop learning. The instructors were very helpful and extremely approachable and willing to help. I believe this school has everything a person needs to able to become a great makeup artist.
- Adrian C.

Exceeded my expectations

Attending the L Makeup Institute was the best decision I have ever made. No where else will you find such amazing and passionate instructors. I feel like this school exceeded my expectations because I feel like I have more than enough experience to do any kind of job thrown at me. If I could take it all over again, I would a million times.
- Kellie N.

Best Experience

L Makeup Institute was the best decision I've ever made. It was hands down the best experience. Everyone I learned from, were how I would describe my ideal instructors. All of the lessons taught me not only the material but also taught me to take big steps, and to not play it safe with my makeup skills.
- Riley B.

Thanks to the L Makeup Institute

I have without a doubt improved on all of my makeup skills. Thanks to the L Makeup Institute my education in the Beauty, Airbrush & SFX world has been PERFECTED!!!
- Lindsay R.

L Makeup taught me a lot about myself.

L Makeup taught me a lot about myself as well as the makeup industry. I would recommend this institute to anyone who is looking to find their creative side thought beauty makeup and sculpting.
- Avalon H.

One of my biggest blessings.

My experience here at L Makeup Institute haws been truly one of my biggest blessings.
- Leonela E.

More than I ever expected

I learned so much more than I ever expected. This experience has been unforgettable.
- Nicole M.

The staff members are amazing.

I came to the school with a basic knowledge and I learned so very much. I cant believe I am able to make anyone beautiful as well as creating a Monster good enough for a movie. The staff members are amazing!
- Islagar L.

Best decision of my life!

Best decision of my life! L Makeup Institute has changed my life for the best & cant wait to start my career in this field.
- Malayna M.

L Makeup expanded my knowledge

The L Makeup Institute really expanded my knowledge about the world of makeup. Now, instead of just being able accomplishment trendy looks; I can no do runway, bridal, editorial, and so much more. They provided me with knowledge that will give me an advantage in this industry; and also tools to guide me on where to go with my career and I am so thankful for that.
- Kylee B.

I feel prepared and confident.

My experience at the L Makeup Institute from the first day I walked in for my tour up until my graduation day has been remarkable. I feel prepared and confident beginning my career as a makeup artist because of the training provided.
- Karina B.

I love this school

I love this school. The teachers are so great! They became my family and I love them so much. I was 17 when I first started here and Im so happy Im here. They help me realize who I am and I couldnt ask for anything more
- Heather P.

Beyond expectations

L Makeup has pushed me beyond my expectations I didnt think I could achieve. My eye for makup, technique & skill has improved tremendously.
- Petronia M.

L makeup made that possible.

L Makeup gave me the knowledge needed to pursue my dreams as an artist. My mission is to spread beauty and L Makeup made that possible.
- Natasha W.

They made sure I had everything

My experience at L Makeup was a great one. I learned a lot from the instructors on job advise and being prepared to enter the world of that the industry requires. They were more than helpful and made sure I understood the material being taught and if I needed any assistance they were there. They all had positive attitudes that influenced the learning environment to be a good one. They made sure I had everything I needed to get started and be prepared for going into the industry of makeup, airbrush and special makeup effects.
- Elizabeth W.

Life long friends.

I've met some life long friends, and feel more prepared to enter the beauty industry.
- Stephanie D.

Great experience

L makeup has been on overall great experience. I feel I have learned a lot since the first time I entered my class.
- Desiree S.

Im glad I had this experience.

The beauty course was full of hands on with makeup, so we got a lot of experience that really helps us to grow was makeup artists. I'm glad I had this experience.
- Tresha G.

Thank you.

I learned a lot from the school. The techniques were great and opened my artistic side. Achieving being comfy with doing makeup on any face. Thank you.
- Nadia A.

I found what my passion is.

I've learned a lot by coming here and really found out what my passion is. I also grew as an artist and made things I never knew I could thanks to this school and my amazing teachers. You guys showed me my dreams can come true and made me believe in myself.
- Emily C.

So thankful for the experience

L Makeup Institute is single handedly one of the best decisions I've made. Instructors are amazing and became family. I love how experienced and knowledgeable each instructor is, and with a passion they pass on their skills amazingly to us students. Truly role models. Everything I need to know to pursue my makeup career I now confidently know and am ready to purse. So thankful for the experience!
- Julia G.

I feel confident in my abilities.

I had an amazing time. All of the people that work here are warm, friendly and genuinely care about the students. I feel confident in my abilities and I am excited to start my career as soon as possible. Thank you so much!!!!
- Alison N.

Best decision I made for my career

L Makeup gave me all the skills I needed and more to succeed & grow in my career, I gained universal knowledge, friendships, and most importantly, confidence. Coming to L Makeup was the best decision I made for my career.
- Alondra G.

Jump start my dream career

Attending L Makeup has been so worth the experience I learned that there was so much more to makeup than just beaut. I definitely got in touch with my creative side. I ll always be thankful got this Journey as it helped me jump start my dream career.
- Gessel Z.

I am very grateful

Attending this institution was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The instructors are vert knowledgeable and passionate about what they do which made learning from them an awesome experience. I have learned a lot of new great skills and had so many memorable experiences I would not change for the world. They have put me on track to fulfill a lifelong dream and I am very thankful.
- Christina T.

Put me on the right path for my career

This has beena life changing experience and has put me on the right path for my career and have met amazing and talented people along the way!
- Amanda B.

Nothing short of amazing

I can't imagine being where I am without this school. Truly has shaped me into a more confident artist and I can only imagine what my future holds. The school it's self gives you everything you could ever need to be successful and the instructors truly care about everyone and they become like family. I will always recommend this school to anyone who wants to pursue a career in makeup Artistry!
- Jaeli

Dream Come True

L Makeup Institute was literally a dream come true. I am graduating with the confidence that I will be successful and grateful to have been taught by incredibly talented instructors who gave me the tools to do so.
- Jaeli J.

Time at L Makeup

My time at L Makeup was so fun and I really enjoyed my time. All of the teachers greatly wish for the success of their students and put forth their best effort for us.
- Dakota T.


I got to meet really great people and the educators really made this experience worth coming to.
- Noelle L.

Loved my experience

I absolutely loved my experience at the L Make UP Institute. It took me two years to get in and when I was in I enjoyed myself from the beginning to the end of the entire program. Out of everything I loved the attitude of the staff the most.
- Yeraica G.


My experience at L Makeup Institute was phenomenal! I learned a lot of valuable knowledge and skills here. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to enhance and build on their makeup skills whether it be beauty make up, air brush/body painting or special effects.
- Tonya N.

Follow my dreams

I gained the knowledge, experience, and confidence to follow my dreams from the staff at L and I'm proud to be a part of something so amazing.
- Andrew B.

Absolutely Amazing!

My experience at the L Makeup Institute was absolutely amazing! From my fist to my last day, I feel like I have really learned so much and that I have acquired so many helpful skills and knowledge in different areas of makeup. My mind first starting out here was all set on beauty but since doing the full journey I learned that I also love to body paint and airbrush! I had such an amazing time and I would do it all over again if I could!
- Isabella H.

Stepping out

With this program, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and do things I would have never thought that I could achieve.
- Celina L.

Greatest Experience

Greatest experience of my life. Met amazing people and Instructors. Something I will never forget. Start of my dream career.
- Rachel O.

Knowledgeable and Kind

The instructors are knowledgeable and kind, they push you to be better and love to see us succeed. I can't wait to see what the future has in store.
- Elisa E.

Changed my life

This whole experience changed my life for the better. It allowed me to do what I've always wanted with great guidance. I gained more confidence with seeing how I can accomplish things if I try really hard which is what every instructor here did for me.
- Jami S.

No regrets

The L makeup institute changed my life and helped me realize my dreams! I don't regret a moment of my experience, every second made me a better artist!
- Brianna C.

Love for Makeup

L Makeup Institute reinforced my love for makeup artistry. I have become more confident in my skills because of the amazing instructors and resources provided here.
- Mei A.


I loved my educator. She made my day everyday. She was my cheerleader throughout my course.
- Rosa P.


I have learned SO Much from attending L Makeup Institute. I love how everything was hands on! I also loved Client & Photoshoot days where we got to work on al skin tones & types! It was great practice for the Real World!
- Elisa C.

Enjoyed school

Enjoyed school. Learned a good amount of knowledge.
- Amy S.

Finally found my passion

I really enjoyed the school. I feel like I finally found my passion. Every day I could work and express myself creatively was a day that felt like a little more of me fell in place. Having friendly and enthusiastic teachers helped, too. I have a support system and cheer squad all in one place.
- Shannon C.

Best decision

This is the best decision I've ever made. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to become a MUA!
- Chelsea D.

More Experience than I thought

This school is more experience than I thought I would get! The teachers are amazing, they care about our success and our future. The special effects class is by far my favorite, I've learned everything I've always wanted to and more! I would definitely come back to this school in a few years!
- Kenya E.


My experience at the L Makeup Institute was wonderful. The staff and teachers are friendly and the environment was creative and fun. I learned a lot in a very short period of time and while I still have much to learn I am satisfied with the knowledge I gained in the last few months.
- Suzanne F.

Best Decision I ever Made!

Attending L Makeup Institute was one of the best decisions I've ever made! 'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from the most talented artists I've ever met. I'm beyond excited for my future as a makeup artist and can not wait to come back for body painting.
- Evelyn T.

Beyond what I ever excpected

My Experience at L Makeup Was beyond what I ever expected. I learned so much and had fabulous instructors. I appreciated that they were hard on us and really strive for perfection. The genuinely want us top be amazing professional artists that represent the industry at the highest level. I wish it never ended.
- Kelly J.

You will love it

Its going to be a beautiful and stressful experience, you will love it from the beginning to the end.
- Kim M.

Everything and more I expected

My personal experience here at L Makeup Institute was everything and more I expected. My educators were very knowledgeable and caring. By coming to L Makeup Institute its was one of the best decision I could have made. I'm now on my way to doing what I lobe best which is makeup artistry.
- Gina J.

Amazing experience

This has been such an amazing experience. The new location is beautiful and has everything we need and more. The instructors are the best part about L Makeup Institute. I've learned so much ans feel confident in stepping out into the industry as a professional makeup artist.
- Danielle M.

Most memorable experience of my life.

L Makeup has provides me with the most memorable experience of my life. The educators pushed me to my limits and I am tremendously grateful for that because I am better artist because of it. They are right there with you when you struggle and when you absolutely crush it. This school is absolutely GOLDEN! They have given me a purpose and have instilled this confidence in me that will forever travel with me in every endeavor. I carry L Makeup with me with pride. I woe it all to them!
- Alexus R.

Everything in their power to help you.

Completely honest, it is hard, BUT all things good in life are. The teachers & staff do everything in their power to help you. You have to be willing to do 110% and meet them halfway. It is all worth it and I wouldn't change it at all. Justremember keep pushing through.
- Mariah M.


Overall I had an amazing experience at L makeup. I made great friends and totally advanced my knowledge in the arts.
- Kennedy K.

An experience I will never forget.

I had an awesome experienced at L Makeup Institute. An experience I will never ever forget. I do feel like this experience will help me in the future. No matter what obstacles had to go through I did love the school and will come back one day again.
- Alondra F.

Our teachers genuinely care about us.

Attending L Makeup was the best decision I ever made! I know I can only grow & succeed from here. I have made new life long friends and our teachers genuinely care about us. If I ever need anything I know I can always rely on any of the staff to help me and they truly care about me.
- Tori H.

Thank you!

Thank you for giving me this chance. I am glad I made it here. I learned a lot for the past 3 months, thank you so much.
- Rachel K.

I can say that I am ready

Before coming to L Makeup, becoming s makeup artist was just a dream. I never thought I would have the skills or the talent to actually so it. But leaving here I am so happy because I can say that I am ready and I am doing this, I am excited to see what the future has in store. Its all thanks to everyone at the L Makeup Institute.
- Cailtlyn Y.

I really love this school!

I really love this school! Working during the day this school allowed me to go to school at night so I didn't need to worry about it during the day.
- Caitlin W.

I was always excited to come to school.

I had an amazing experienced with all my teachers and leaning all of my skills that I have leaned. Everyone made this place so much fun and I was always excited to come to school. Thank you for giving me all the tools I will need to continue in my career at NYX and also my personal career! LOVE YOU ALL!
- Elizabeth A.

I entered the school knowing NOTHING

I entered the school knowing NOTHING about makeup. I didn't know brushes or even color correcting. I hadn't even heard of it. The first time I picked up a makeup brush was a little over a month before school started. I enjoyed learning about makeup, and even like some f the looks I created. The weekend after the program was done, I attended a wedding and told some of my classmates that I could've done a better makeup job on the bride, that what had been done.
- Gregg N.

Employers have been amazed.

My dream of being a makeup artist would not have been realized without attending L. Employers have been amazed by the professional attitude and sanitary skills I posses thanks to L Makeup. My instructors were incredibly talented individuals and I couldn't have asked for better artists to learn from.
- Diva E.

Grateful for this Opportunity

I wouldn't have changed my experience for the world. I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity and I have L Makeup Institute to thank for all my knowledge and upcoming success.
- Kailey D.

Great Learning Experience

L Makeup Institute gave me a great learning experience in all of my courses. Hands of learning with all my instructors helped me succeed in my assignments. Help was always provided anytime, which made me feel safe.
- Joanna D.

Help Every Step of the Way

I love this school so much. They really help you every step of the way, and answer all of your questions. Everyone is so nice and helpful. This was the best experience I've had. I even made some really great friends and met really nice people.
- Summer S.

Above & Beyond

L Makeup has pushed me to my limits above and beyond personally and creatively. It helped me gain confidence in myself and my client work and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you for making this experience great!
- Ashley C.

Made me the artist I am today

Attending L Makeup Institute has been a great experience, it has made me into the makeup artist I am today. I would recommend this school for someone that is really about expanding their makeup career.
- Guadalupe V.

Best Decision

I had an amazing time at the L Makeup Institute. I learned more than I thought was possible. I built many friendships and my knowledge about the makeup world grew. Going to LMI was one of the best decisions I could make after graduating high school.
- Makenna F.

Best Decision

I had an amazing time at the L Makeup Institute. I learned more than I thought was possible. I built many friendships and my knowledge about the makeup world grew. Going to LMI was one of the best decisions I could make after graduating high school.
- Makenna F.

All the Knowledge

My experience at L Makeup Institute was fun and I learned everything I needed to know from my instructors. The instructors are very talented and know what they are doing. I have all the knowledge I need to be successful in my career.
- Aylin N.

All the Knowledge

My experience at L Makeup Institute was fun and I learned everything I needed to know from my instructors. The instructors are very talented and know what they are doing. I have all the knowledge I need to be successful in my career.
- Aylin N.


L Makeup has taught me so much. I feel much more prepared to start my career. I'm thankful for all the knowledge I have gained and all the help the instructors gave me.
- Alexis L.

Great Place to Learn

A great place to learn more techniques and build bonds for life in and out of the industry. Even if you stumble and fall a few times the instructors always pick you back up.
- Tamera M.

Truly Grateful!

My experience at L Makeup Institute cannot be simply described. The knowledge and friendships I gained through my journey have changed me for the better and i can only thank my outstanding instructors and this wonderful school. I am truly grateful to have started my career as a makeup artist here at LMI!.
- Alex

An Amazing Experience!

The greatest decision I've ever made was attending L Makeup Institute. Such and amazing experience!
- Lucianna


I had a phenomenal time while attending L Makeup Institute. I met friends I will keep close forever and I mastered artistry from some of the best in the industry. I was blessed to be here and cared for.. I will cherish this journey for ever.
- Nalani

My Dream Is Coming True

l Makeup pushed my levels of creativity to higher places than I ever thought possible. The Artist I was before coming here is completely different after graduating. I feel like my dream is finally coming true.
- Faithanne

Unforgettable Connections

Though my time was very short, I feel like I've learned more than I thought I would. The whole experience was amazing. I made a lot of connections and relationships I will never forget.
- Paisley

Love it!

I love the SFX program and body painting program. I really learned a lot and learned my new limits. I was able to obtain information that I didn't think I could learn or was even a thing such as foam runs and prosthetics. Learning how to do logos freehand was also so much fun
- Riga

An experience like no other!

L Makeup was an experience like no other! Instructors who cared, classmates were there for each other and unforgettable makeup! L Makeup Institute is something I'll treasure for a lifetime
- Alexis

An experience I'll never forget

My time here at L Makeup Institute has been full of growth and learning. This school has given me the knowledge and experience I need to start my dream career as an artist. I am so grateful to the instructors and staff here at the Texas campus! They have made this experience one I'll never forget
- Lydia

So grateful

This school will bring out the Best in you and make your skills your expectations. I also made some great friends and connections through this school and I'm grateful.
- Tania

Be proud

Soak up all the knowledge around you, ask your teachers, learn from peers, be grateful Always work hard, hustle and be proud of who you are
- Taylor


This LMI makeup journey, I've grown so much from this institute. Telling myself to believe in your passion, creativity and make the world see your success work.
- Allison


The makeup artistry I learned from L Makeup Institute empowered me to work immediately. I started working with modeling agencies and photographers before I graduated
- Karla


This has been an amazing time learning. I'm very grateful to all my teachers. I have learned so much thanks to them.
- Zaira


The education I have received from the Beauty Program at L is invaluable. It has helped me to not only network but to grow my business to new herights.
- Ryan


My time at L makeup institute has been the most inspiring, motivational, and supportive moment. I learned so much and gained so much. I'm glad I found this school.
- Morgan

Thank You

I really want to than the L Makeup Institute for giving me the opportunity to enroll in this amazing school. I have learned so much. I have grown as a person. I really want to thank Lisa for introducing me and encouraging me to enroll. Miriam, Leo, Ashley and Kennedy are amazing instructors, they have a lot of patience and help for me. Great and amazing program. I love and enjoy all of it.
- Marianelys C

Found my Passion Again

I joined this school when I was going through a dark time in my life and I even considered waiting to join but I couldn't be grateful than I am now. My classmates made the experience even more amazing and I found my passion again through this program. I'm beyond excited for what my future holds and I'm blessed to have encountered so many amazing people.
- Kymbryana M


The administration and instructors are amazing!! I love coming to school everyday and feeling so comfortable to be myself and not be afraid of judgement! I come to school everyday so excited to learn a new skill. I love my teacher and my classmates!! Everyone here feels like family!!
- Lilley Logan


This institute has some of the best classes for makeup and has some of the best makeup designs along with it being fairly cheap compared to other institutes and giving just as good education!
- Landen

Amazing School

L Makeup Institute is an amazing school and program for anyone that has a passion for the arts and beauty. I stand a part from others because of my experience and L Makeup
- Jada


I have had a great experience as well as meeting wonderful people. I love how each instructor wants to help you succeed in each course.
- Sarah

I am so thankful for everything

I have made life long friends & memories. I never imagined everything I wanted to achieve I did & more. My teacher have been the best I ever had. They were for us since day one. I am so excited to show the world what I can do now.
- Maya

Best decision I have made for my career.

I never truly believed I could take something that I loved so much and turn it into a career until I came here. The instructors are amazing. They are so knowledgeable, helpful, and really pushed us to be our best.
- Maribel

Great experience

Being at this school has widened my creative ability to broaden myself in the makeup industry.
- Megan

I've learned so much!

When I came here in February I didn't know how to do anything but eyeliner. The teachers are amazing and talented. I was so shy, they helped me get out of my bubble and be the best person I can be for my career,
- Thalia
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