April 26, 2022

What Does a Day at L Makeup Institute Look Like?

L Makeup Institute Team

The L Makeup Institute faculty and staff are steadfastly committed to a culture that puts students first. They are already experts in their respective fields of makeup artistry and each has years of practical experience. Having these great technical skills is only part of properly educating students. How the school delivers the curriculum is just as important. 

What Makes LMI Education Different

We encourage personal responsibility and healthy decision-making because they foster life-long learning and achievement. Our education takes place in a caring, expressive, and inclusive learning environment. We re-examine raditional training and innovative ideas thrive here. We think you’ll discover more about yourself than you ever knew. 

When you attend our class at L Makeup Institute, it is meant to be educational, hands-on, and interactive. Our curriculum was designed to be delivered to all types of learners. In the end, you will graduate with the tools to make your life one amazing story. 

Meet LMI Founder Lisette Waugh

Over her 28-year career, Lisette Waugh was known for her diverse repertoire of techniques and exquisite fashion instinct. She began her career working in trunk shows with elite designers and collaborating with celebrity hairstylists. 

She started to grow her brand by catering to the local socialites and high society in Las Vegas and world-famous celebrities. Fashion magazines, television, and print media including Vogue, Shape, and Luxury have featured her work. 

Her advice to makeup artists would be to “follow your passion first of all, and put in the work and don’t get discouraged. If you love something enough, you will put in the time and you will let it organically evolve.”

Pursue Your Passion at L Makeup Institute

The main reason Lisette started L Makeup Institute was to create an environment to support those like her who want to pursue their passion for becoming makeup artists. Even now, you may be able to learn some basic makeup artistry or special effects tricks as part of a cosmetology program by attending a local makeup workshop or watching YouTube tutorials. But those only scratch the surface of what you need to know to have a successful career as a makeup artist. 

Learn More About LMI

Teaching the art and science of makeup artistry to the next generation of makeup and special effects artists since 2010, the L Makeup Institute offers classes covering all styles of makeup artistry. There are thousands of cosmetology schools, but only a handful of schools like L Makeup Institute that focus exclusively on preparing you to work as a professional makeup artist immediately upon graduating. Discover why LMI is well known in the MUA community as producing talented, well-rounded, and sought-after graduates. We can’t wait to meet you!

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