May 10, 2022

Permanent Makeup Artists Find Careers in the Health Industry

Permanent makeup artist career in health industry

There are so many opportunities for makeup artists to work in different industries. From movies and theatre to fashion shows and weddings, there is no shortage of job opportunities for makeup artists. Did you know that permanent makeup artists can also have a place in the healthcare sector?

Permanent makeup artists, also known as cosmetic tattoo artists, are cosmetics professionals who create tattoos that look like traditional cosmetics. They also provide paramedical procedures like camouflaging scars and re-pigmenting skin. Let’s learn more about what permanent cosmetics are and how permanent makeup artists work in the health industry. 

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattoo artistry that involves picking color pigments and inserting them into the skin. It mimics traditional cosmetic makeup but is permanent, like a tattoo. 

Common types of permanent makeup include eyebrows, eyelash enhancements, eyeliner, beauty marks, or lip colors. Permanent makeup is often considered a cosmetic procedure and used for basic facial feature enhancements. 

How can makeup be used in the health industry?

Permanent makeup has become increasingly common in the health industry due to its potential to help victims of accidents or surgeries that have altered their appearance. It becomes an excellent option for people who wish to conceal or camouflage damage to their skin.

For example, makeup may help conceal scarring or tissue damage or re-pigment skin following surgery. For people who have survived burns, breast cancer surgeries, accidents, or other events that have altered their appearance, permanent makeup is an option.

These types of procedures are often referred to as “paramedical procedures.” Clients will typically undergo a consultation first, then have the pigment applied to the dermal skin layer. After the procedure, clients may follow up for additional treatments and evaluations as necessary.

What do I need to know to be a permanent makeup artist?

In order to become a permanent makeup artist, it is essential to have the same fundamental skills and knowledge as any other kind of makeup artist. This includes learning about facial bone structure, proper placement, color theory, and shading.

If you want to become a permanent makeup artist, you should do research to find out your state’s training and licensure requirements. Each state is different. In some states, makeup artists must have a cosmetology license or tattoo license. In other states, there are no regulations at all.

How can L Makeup Institute help?

All individuals who want to become permanent makeup artists can benefit from completing a diploma or certificate program at an accredited school, even if it is not required for registration or licensure purposes.

At L Makeup Institute, our curriculum covers the fundamentals that every makeup artist should know, including foundational skills and knowledge about facial bone structure, proper makeup placement, color theory, shading, and more. 

We offer 6-month and 8-month Diploma Programs. Our students use comprehensive makeup kits with over 500 top brand items. Students also learn how to see their makeup work through a camera lens in our professional photography studio. It is excellent for showcasing your work on social media and building your brand. 

As you progress through your selected diploma program at LMI, you will transition from one course and style of makeup artistry to the next. This approach provides the comprehensive training required to be a well-rounded, highly-skilled, certified makeup artist prepared to work in the many makeup artist industries immediately upon graduating.

Learn More About LMI’s Programs

L Makeup Institute has taught the art and science of makeup artistry to the next generation of makeup and special effects artists since 2010. We offer classes covering all styles of makeup artistry. 

There are thousands of cosmetology schools, but only a handful of schools like L Makeup Institute that focus exclusively on preparing you to work as a professional makeup artist immediately upon graduating. 

Discover why LMI is well known in the MUA community for producing talented, well-rounded, and sought-after graduates. We can’t wait to meet you!

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