October 28, 2019

Halloween Makeup Removal Tips

Tips to remove Halloween makeup

People familiar with makeup know it’s never a good idea to sleep with traces of product on their face. Makeup clogs the pores, causes acne flare-ups, and ruins your skin. Halloween makeup is even more challenging to remove because you use heavy products like body paint, glues, silicone, etc., to achieve the desired look. Here are some tips to remove Halloween makeup safely without causing any damage to your skin:

  1. Read the Instructions on the Back

Most costume makeup products have detailed instructions on the back on how to remove them. Different products have different ingredients, so you may need to use several techniques and solutions to get them all off. Following the instructions is the safest way to so this. If there are no instructions, read the ingredients list, and determine whether the makeup is oil or water-based.

  1. Remove Eyelashes First

If your look has big eyelashes, you need to remove them first. Soak two cotton wipe with a makeup removing solution or micellar water before placing them on your eyes. This allows the eyelash glue to soften and come off quickly. Pulling the lash off without any preparation will harm the delicate skin of your eye. You can also use cotton buds to apply the remover directly to the band. Once the glue softens, tug the lashes off and use the rest of the remover to clean all the eye makeup.

  1. Removing Body Glue

Removing body glue requires some patience and time. Like eyelash glue, you will need to saturate it with a makeup remover solution that contains oil or some baby oil. Pour some into a cotton pad as press the pad to the glue. Once your body glue is saturated, it will come off without causing any irritation to your skin.

  1. Removing Liquid Latex

Liquid latex is an excellent product that allows you to create special effects like scars, open wounds, and distinctive features. Fortunately, this product is straightforward to remove. You can use a combination of soap and water to rinse it off. If you have liquid latex all over your body, hop into the shower to get it all off.

  1. Removing Stains

Some colors and pigments will leave an unsightly stain on the skin. These stains don’t come off, even after rigorous washing or scrubbing. The most commonly recommended solution is a paste made from baking soda and water, but this can dry your skin out. If you have dry or sensitive skin, experts recommend using toothpaste for the best results. You can also use shaving cream or tea tree oil to remove stains. Tea tree oil is an essential oil, so it isn’t a good idea to use it all over the face. This method is most suitable for small patches of stains.

  1. Removing Body Paint

 Removing body paint can be a painfully long process, especially if you haven’t used water-based products. Water-based products will come off quickly with some soap and water. Use that method first to remove everything that reacts to water. Once that’s done, use oil-based removers to get oil-based paints off. There are many oil-based removers available in the market, but you can make one at home. Coconut oil or olive oil can work as carrier bases, while rosehip or jojoba oil can add the extra punch needed to remove all of the paint.

If you don’t have oils on hand, you can use a heavy cold-cream or dishwashing liquid. Cold creams have high-fat content and easily dissolve oil-based makeup. Dishwashing liquids are specially formulated to break down stubborn grease. Both of these ingredients will remove stubborn Halloween makeup.

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