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Prosthetics Course

Advanced Prosthetics


Advanced Prosthetics Avocational Course

Advanced Prosthetics Avocational Course – 162.5 Clock Hours / 5 weeks

Prerequisites: Students who take this makeup class (course) must have basic knowledge in prosthetic application and mold making and have either graduated from L Makeup Institutes THE JOURNEY: BEAUTY + HAIR + AIRBRUSH + BODY + EFFECTS PROGRAM, another accredited special effects makeup school, or have a portfolio of their work reviewed and approved by the L Makeup Institute Education Director before being admitted. Upon successful completion of this Avocational course, a Certificate will be awarded.

The Advanced Prosthetics Course will challenge even the seasoned special makeup effects artist and push their talent to the next level. This 162.5-hour course incorporates daily projects and skill-building sessions, to encourage learning by practice through hands on repetition. Students will learn advanced techniques that will prepare them for working as a professional in the Special Makeup Effects field and step into any makeup effects and prosthetic lab in the world with the confidence and skills to be behind or in front of the camera. Students will be given thorough instruction in the lab taking them through full head life-casting, design, sculpture, advanced molding techniques, formulation of foam latex, and application of a dual layered, multi piece, full head and neck prosthetic. In addition, students will learn how to create gel-filled platinum silicone appliances. As part of the course, students will be using all of their knowledge learned to create a fully developed prosthetic character which will be captured digitally in our photo studio for the student to use in his or her portfolio.

This avocational continuing educational course is only offered on a stand-alone basis, does not lead to employment, is not accredited by ACCSC and therefore does not fall within ACCSC scope of Accreditation, and is not eligible for Federal Financial Aid and some other services that are offered to students and graduates of L Makeup Institutes Programs.

What you learn in the Advanced Prosthetics Course:

  • Theory – Safety information, SFX kit, tools and their uses, anatomy, SFX terms, SFX history, character design.
  • Create full head life cast and positives.
  • Various sculpting techniques with attention to detailed texturing and flashing.
  • Advanced molding techniques for multi piece prosthetics, floating for multi piece mold making, and differences in mold making for different materials used.
  • Mix and measure foam for larger molds, as well as finishing processes to prepare foam latex appliances for application.
  • Learn about different types of silicones and their uses, create gel filled platinum silicone appliances.
  • Learn proper application techniques for full head applications as well as silicone applications.

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