History of the Institute

History of the Institute

Founded in 2010 by visionary professional makeup artist Lissette Waugh, the L Makeup Institute opened as the first of its kind in Las Vegas to offer in-depth curriculum developed specifically for students pursuing a career in the makeup and special effects industries. Whether a student chooses the delicacy of beauty makeup, the bold and dramatic look of airbrush and body painting, or the intricacies of prosthetics, the Institute is focused on creating the professionals of tomorrow while strengthening the skills of today’s working makeup artist. L Makeup Institute is committed to staying at the forefront of makeup artistry education while serving as a venue of collaboration support and inspiration. We know those who meet together in out institute today are the professionals who will be working together in the future.



What exactly is the
“L Makeup Institute Journey”?

The dictionary defines a journey as a process of development: “a gradual passing from one state to another”. A journey can also be defined as advancement, a moving forward from innocence or limited understanding into mature awareness. When students enter L Makeup Institute, they take their first step down the L Makeup Institute Journey of our disciplined determination of helping nurture and develop students into professional makeup artists. And wherever a graduate’s journey leads, we will be there to guide, instruct, and advise as needed.

The L Makeup Institute takes considerable pride in its curriculum developed by our Founder and Education Director, Lissette Waugh in collaboration with some of the industry’s top professionals. The curriculum offered is recognized as professional industry standards and approved by employers, industry professionals, and our Program Advisory Committee. Taught with the guidance and supervision of our highly trained educators in a culture of self-responsibility and empowerment, our courses and programs are designed with a heavy emphasis on lab work and practical exercises.



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