January 31, 2022

What is a commercial makeup artist?

Commercial makeup artist

Makeup artists are in high demand. You may not have realized that every person you see in advertisements on television, the internet, and magazines requires makeup artists to look their best. Some even require the services of a special effects makeup artist. Because of this demand, a career as a commercial makeup artist can be very lucrative.

What is commercial makeup work?

Commercial makeup work includes makeup for models in television commercials, printed advertisements, website photographs, internal videos, corporate headshots, annual reports, magazine catalogs, and more. A commercial makeup artist might also work in unique and exciting environments like magazine photoshoots, movie sets, live TV, red carpet, and runway. 

What does a commercial makeup artist do?

A commercial makeup artist is primarily responsible for applying the makeup of male and female models. However, makeup artists may be asked to help with hairstyling and men’s grooming. Commercial sets are often small, requiring the same commercial makeup artist to do the jobs of the makeup artist, hairstylist, men’s groomer, and wardrobe stylist.s overall look. 

Why should I go into commercial work?

Commercial makeup artistry can be very lucrative. You frequently work with large corporations willing to spend lots of money to look good in advertising. Although makeup artists can find most commercial work in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, other markets are also available at high-paying rates. 

Commercial work is also a gratifying career. Commercial makeup artists have the opportunity to work with many different models and celebrities and work for many different large and familiar brands. You could have many short commercial jobs in a row or be committed to a larger project for more flexibility and control over your career schedule.

Although hairstyles, lip colors, and outfits will change slightly from year to year, the basic skills for commercial makeup artistry remain the same over time. 

How can I become a commercial makeup artist?

To become a commercial makeup artist, you will need a solid commercial portfolio. It’s best if it is in a digital format and available online. The most popular style of commercial makeup required in your portfolio is also the most difficult look to master: the “no-makeup” look. The no-makeup look is very timeless, polished, and clean. It requires restraint from the makeup artist to make the model look flawless without appearing as though they are wearing makeup. 

Make sure that your portfolio represents your very best work. Enlist the help of successful connections in the industry you seek to work in to help you edit your portfolio. It also helps to have a solid website where your digital portfolio, resume, and contact information can be found easily by clients. 

How can LMI help?

At L Makeup Institute, we offer several classes to help you achieve your commercial artistry goals. Our goal is to help the makeup artists of tomorrow perfect their skills and gain hands-on experience to help them with their makeup careers. We offer a wide variety of training, including focused beauty makeup and special effects makeup classes, to help you explore your talents and learn impressive techniques. 

Our “Mastering the Art of Beauty” course offers strong foundational makeup skills for all aspiring makeup artists, including information on starting and managing your makeup career. We also provide a “Hair Styling for the Makeup Artist” course to give our students versatile training to accommodate future clients. If you are ready to start your career as a makeup artist, reach out to L Makeup Institute today.

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