September 28, 2019

The High School Classes That Prepare You For Beauty School

High school classes prepare you for beauty school

Do you dream of becoming a makeup artist? Are you in high school and want to move forth rapidly in your career? The best way to do this is to take high school classes that can prepare you for beauty school. These classes will set the foundation you need to achieve success in the industry. The courses mentioned below can help and are part of most high school curriculums.


1. Anatomy

A good understanding of human anatomy can help you master your craft better. This is particularly useful if you want to get into film and television because you might need to create different looks and transform the appearance or body-type of the actor. As a makeup artist, you need to make sure the looks you create are symmetrical and well-balanced. Good knowledge of anatomy can help you come up with different techniques and ensure your work looks good.


2. Chemistry

Different compounds and chemicals are used to make cosmetic products. Good knowledge of chemistry will help you understand the various products, so you know what is safe to use on your clients. Cosmetologists and estheticians mix various compounds and colors in their line of work. Knowledge of chemistry can help them with this process. You won’t just save time while mixing the ingredients, but will also be able to ensure that the things you mix have the desired results.


4. Theatre

Being a part of your high school theatre classes or clubs will help you learn makeup in a more hands-on manner. You will learn about stage makeup, see how lighting and effects can influence an actor’s appearance, understand the impact of costumes, and learn vital skills. You can also watch professional makeup artists help your classmates dress up for school plays. Most makeup artists work on film or television sets and interact with professionals in the field regularly. Being a theatre kid will help you become accustomed to this environment, and that will only benefit you in the future.

5. Art and Design

Makeup is an art, and it requires a lot of skill. You need to know how different colors mix or complement each other. You also need to know how to highlight certain features and disguise others. Many makeup artists learn body art and face painting for film, television, or theatre makeup. Learning about color, texture, design, symmetry, and other such factors can help you master your craft down the line.


6. Creative Writing

Makeup artists need to know how to sell their services. They are required to send emails, create marketing content, and interact with professionals in the field regularly. A creative writing class will help you develop your written communication skills. You will be able to express yourself better and get your point across more effectively. It will also give you the confidence to write convincing proposals and estimates. Most modern business communications happen in the written form, which means your clients will first get to know you through your emails. Mastering this form of communication is essential.


7. Speech

The makeup industry relies on personal networking. Artists often acquire more clients through word of mouth because they have established a good rapport with their current clients. A speech class will help you improve your communication skills. You will learn how to express your thoughts clearly and handle other interactions well. A confident speech pattern will have a significant impact on clients and help you gain their trust.

These classes can provide a solid foundation for your future career. You’ll have a better chance of developing a solid customer base and industry connections if you’re well-prepared.

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