10 Fall Beauty Hacks

Whether you’ve been looking forward to the cooler weather or dreading the end of warmer days, there are ways to transition into fall more easily. With the change in seasons, you should make some necessary adjustments to the skincare routine you follow, even in fall.  Here are 10 fall beauty hacks that will help you make a seamless transition.


Hack#1. Moisturize You Skin Correctly

As the air gets colder, it also gets drier, and the same happens to your skin. Just as you need to choose the right moisturizers, it’s also essential to know when to moisturize. The best time to moisturize is after a shower or after you wash it. When your skin is wet, it helps to lock in hydration.


Hack#2. Set Some Time Aside For a Massage

Massage your skin a couple of times a day. Rub a suitable facial oil onto your facial skin, and massage in circular motions; it helps with circulation.


Hack#3. Opt For a Chemical Exfoliator

The best way to eliminate dead skin buildup on your facial skin is to exfoliate regularly.

Look for a chemical exfoliant that contains enzymes, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid. There are many chemical peel pads from some of the best brands, and you can use them to give your skin an even and smooth texture.


Hack#4. Use Micellar Water for Cleansing your Skin

Micellar water helps hydrate and soothe your skin, and you need to add it to your fall skincare routine. To use it, saturate cotton pads with the cleanser and sweep it across your skin without rubbing.


Hack#5. Focus On Your Hands

Fall is also flu season, and you may find yourself washing your hands very frequently. While that will give you clean hands, frequent washing also strips the moisture from the skin. Pamper your hands by rubbing rich hand cream into them. You can provide the same loving care to the skin on your face and neck to combat dryness.


Hack#6.Use a Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

While using sunscreen is a must during the summer months, don’t say goodbye to it in fall. Continue treating your skin to a broad-spectrum sunscreen in fall. Opt for a product that has SPF content of 15 or higher every day.


Hack#7. Use an Overnight Mask

Change up your nighttime beauty routine a bit during fall. Apply a creamy overnight mask to help cleanse your skin. You can use it after applying an eye serum or cream or smooth it over your entire face without any other products.


Hack#8. Use Hats and Sunglasses

Just as your skin needs special treatment during fall, it also requires some protection from the elements. Don a broad-rimmed hat and sunglasses when you step outdoors during daylight hours and limit your amount of time outside too.


Hack#9. Use the Layering Technique While Applying Makeup

Learn how to layer your skincare products in order of their consistency and thickness. The technique will help ensure they work as they should. If you need more moisture, apply a hydrating serum, and then move onto applying makeup.


Hack#10. Discard Expired or Very Old Skin Care Products

You can spring clean your skincare collection in fall as well. Discard very old items as well as ones that have already expired, without a second thought.


Every season has its attraction points and its downsides. Keeping your skin healthy and looking good is about going with the flow and adapting your skincare routine to the seasons. Always invest in good quality products and be consistent with the care you provide your skin.

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