Texas Special Effects and Makeup Artist School

Same Culture. Same Curriculum. Same Design. Just Texas Sized.

L Makeup Institute is now open in North Texas, offering accredited programs in beauty makeup, body painting, airbrush makeup, hair styling for the makeup artist and special effects makeup. There are many significant moments in our lives but being admitted to one of the most prestigious Makeup and Special Effects Schools in the country will rank as one of your most significant milestones. Where true artists are born.

What makes LMI so special?

We prepare students for careers in makeup artistry and special makeup effects industries by equipping them with the technical skills needed to become a well-rounded professional makeup artist versed in all styles of artistry – beauty, editorial, airbrush, body painting, hair styling, and special effects makeup. This type of training is only available at an accredited makeup school that offers specialty designed curriculum for the MUA, delivered by knowledgeable and experienced instructors, and supported through a student store packed with makeup essentials, a professionally designed photo studio, an expansive student lounge, and classrooms that are set up carefully for each style of makeup taught. All to provide a seamless, integrated, and comprehensive makeup school education.

Don’t believe us? Here is what our alumni have to say.

“The school went above and beyond my expectations. I never thought I’d gain so much information in so little time.” – Destiny K

“My experience here was a very memorable one! My instructors were by far what made the classes the very best and fun, and just an overall fantastic learning environment!” – Belle G

“I grew as an artist in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I reached new heights I didn’t know I could reach.” – Joscelyn S

The L Philosophy


Developed by our Founder and Education Director, Lissette Waugh the L Makeup Institute curriculum is recognized as meeting professional industry standards by employers, industry professionals, our Program Advisory Committee, and Accreditation Agency.


To prepare students for the real world with the appropriate career skills, the curriculum is designed to be fast-paced and deliver the fundamental technical skills needed to become a well-rounded Professional Makeup Artist.  The curriculum is taught through various learning methods such as audio-visual aids, Power Point presentations and live demonstrations. Guest Artists also frequent the campuses who specialize in a certain style of makeup, special makeup effects, or represent a makeup brand to provide their unique perspective and teach different makeup techniques.


All of our programs incorporate daily projects and skill-building lessons to encourage learning by practice through hands-on repetition delivered through a sequential set of learning steps. We believe that the best way for students to learn makeup artistry is to do makeup artistry which is why there is a heavy emphasis on lab work and practical exercises and our students start working with products on Day One.


“Beyond our high standards and structured approach to makeup artistry education, we encourage personal responsibility and healthy decision-making, because these foster life-long learning, personal growth and achievement. We emphasize and instill in our student’s confidence, good work ethic, and how to maintain a positive attitude and project a good outward image. This is what sets us apart, says Lissette Waugh.”


Trust the process, and through this Journey you will evolve into a conscious artist.





Texas Branch Campus


L Makeup Institute is centrally located at 112 State Street, Southlake, TX 76092 inside Southlake Town Square in the heart of the Dallas • Fort Worth • Plano Metroplex. Our beautiful setting carries with it the charm and character of a true Town Square with beautiful walkways, gathering spaces, quaint shops and some of the top national brands. During downtime, students can gather around the many outdoor sitting areas, parks and cafes that are just a quick stroll away. It’s the perfect place to invite friends and family to visit on graduation day!


Bright and welcoming, the L Makeup Institute boasts a clean, mid-century modern design with chic urban hipness – well lit, open spaces; exposed, vaulted ceilings, glitter-infused and metallic epoxy concrete floors and glass walls; in all, a stylish atmosphere with all the accoutrements, technology and seriousness of a top-notch educational facility. There are ten separate training areas at the Branch Campus that feature every tool students will need – electrical drops, specialized equipment, high definition TVs with surround-sound and video projection; whiteboards, recorded video surveillance and dispensaries, as well as custom-made ovens for baking moisture out of molds and cooking foam latex. The Institute also features professionally designed lighting with a 90+ CRI for perfect skin tone matching and technical applications.


Other facility amenities include a teacher’s lounge, administrative offices, staff training room, ample student parking at street level round out the campus. Outside of class, students enjoy convenient access to an elegant, expanded student lounge, student store, and library equipped with multiple workstations, printers, books, magazines, and movies; a large photography room; and multiple bathrooms. Oh, and lest we forget to mention, we have a massive pro artist cosmetics store and glitter bar. Who says school can’t be fun?



People Are Everything



L Makeup Institute faculty and staff members are experts in their respective fields. Each has years of practical work experience and has been subjected to a rigorous hiring process. All faculty members undergo lengthy orientation and auditioning processes and must attend continuing education training each year. The entire L Makeup Institute staff and faculty team is always striving to elevate our students educational experience and that begins with the first time you enter our school, through your graduation and beyond.


What does all this mean for you? We love what we do. We believe in a classroom environment of respect, collaboration, inspiration, and creative expression. We are teaching relevant employable skills. We have a sincere interest in your journey to become a successful makeup artist.






MARCH 2021

The Journey: Beauty + Hair + Airbrush + BodyMarch 29th, 2021 – September 22nd, 2021M – T 8:00 am – 5:30pm
The Journey: Beauty + Hair + Airbrush + Body + EffectsMarch 29th, 2021 – November 9th, 2021M – T 8:00 am – 5:30pm

JUNE 2021

The Journey: Beauty + Hair + Airbrush + BodyJune 7th, 2021 – December 2nd, 2021M – T 8:00 am – 5:30pm
The Journey: Beauty + Hair + Airbrush + Body + EffectsJune 7th, 2021 – February 3rd, 2022M – T 8:00 am – 5:30pm
Picture yourself here, doing what you love and start your professional makeup artist journey today.


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