Sweat Proof Your Makeup – Tips On How To Make Your Look Stay During The Hot Summer Months

The summer months can wreak havocon your makeup, and it can fade away significantly with sweat right in the middle of the day. The sweat also tends to attract dust and pollen from the outdoor air, whichworsens the problem. Anyone can find themselves sweating much more than they’d like to during the summer months.

You don’t want sweat to ruin your eyeliner or blush during your workout, an interview, an office presentation, a date, or even when you are socializing.It can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing to have blotchy and powdery skin or eyeliner running down your face.

If you find yourself dealing with these problems every summer, here are some things you can do to sweat-proof makeup during the hot summer months. For anyone planning on pursuing a career as a makeup artist or planning to take up a job as a makeup professional, it’s a good idea to consider joining a credible and well-established institute that offers professional makeup workshops.


Tips For Keeping Your Makeup In Place


1. Give the Powder a Miss

When you tone down shine with some powder, it creates a chalky look that makes wrinkles and fine lines more evident. It’s best to use some blotting paper to absorb all the excess oil. This will help prevent your makeup from becoming messed up.


2. Always Cool Off A Bit Before Applying Makeup

When you are in a rush to head out of your home, you might apply makeup just as you step out of the shower. This is something you should avoid. It’s essential that you allow your body to cool down for at least 10 minutes before applying any makeup. The warmth makes your skin will absorb the ingredients more quickly, which can result in breakouts later.

This is far more likely to give you a less than perfect appearance. The summer heat aggravates this problem, and you will find that the makeup you have applied fresh out of the shower will either fade or run very quickly.

If you’re in a great rush, splash your face with some cold water a few times just before starting your regular makeup routine.Most professional makeup lessons will instruct you on these dos and don’ts which are very important to keep in view if you want your makeup to last longer during the hot summer months.


3. Keep Some Facial Mist Handy

It can be challenging to refresh your makeup when you are on the move. A facial mist can come in handy when you are traveling. The fine spray will cool your skin during summertime, which will help your makeup last longer on the go. These are the different tips and techniques you will learn in special makeup workshops.


4. Use A Good Primer

Primers are designed to help the makeup cling to your skin a little longer. They can help reduce the gloss later in the day. Apply a good primer before putting on any foundation, but right after applying moisturizer. Make it a point to use an oil-free product. You can also opt for a sweat proof makeup spray if it suits your skin. Makeup effects classes can teach you several similar tips and tricks to make your look stay in the summer months.


5. Avoid Heavy Foundations

Full-coverage foundations work well in the colder months but are very heavy on the skin in summer. They will melt and slip on sweaty and hot skin. The best way to sweat-proof makeup for the gym or even when you are outdoors in warm weather is to switch to an oil-free, light product that works well with your skin type.


6. Skip thePowders and Use Creams Instead

One of the first things they will teach you during professional makeup artist programs is that you should keep powders at bay during summer. We said this earlier and can’t emphasize this point enough. But powders simply draw in the heat and the cakiness they create on the skin will ruin your look.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to replace powder-based makeup with cream eye shadows and blushes.  If you find your eyeshadow running, use a good quality eyelid primer. That should keep your over-eye makeup in place for a longer duration.


7. Water-Resistant Makeup Is The Way To Go

Waterproof or water-resistant mascara will be better able to endure summer sweating. Liquid eyeliners last much longer than regular pencils when your eyelids are moist.


8. Stay Away From Dark Colors

If you are planning to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, its best to stay away from dark blushes, smoky eyes, and other similar dark-colored makeup. These can be a bit harsh in the summer sun. Aside from this, they’re far more likely to be noticed if they smudge or drip when you sweat. Opt for more subtle shades, particularly for your eyes.


9. Keep yourself well hydrated

Keeping your body as cool as possible from the inside out will help ensure your skin stays dry. Carry a water bottle at all times and sip frequently. If you can add ice to the bottle, the cool water will be even more effective in keeping your skin dry. If need be, the water can be an excellent face and neck cooler as well.


10. Less is More

Excessive amounts of makeup in the hot summer months can make your skin look blotchy and will give you a very unnatural look. When you are going outdoors during summer, its best to stick to the bare essentials.At professional makeup courses, you can learn how to freshen your face with blush, conceal under-eye circles and dark spots.

Applying bronzer to the chin, nose, and cheeks and a bit of foundation or light BB cream is a great way to look fresh yet stay cool. You can finish off the look with a light cream eye shadow and waterproof mascara, and you’re good to go.

Sweat-proof makeup is difficult to achieve, but you can learn these techniques at a professional makeup class. Their structured courses will give you a broad view of how skin behaves during summer time and what you can do to make your makeup look great even during summertime.

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