Summer Eye Shadow Colors – Best Eye Shadow Colors For The Summer

Summer is a time to be bold, exciting, daring and try new things. It’s much more than donning retro glasses, polka-dotted swimwear and floral and paisley printed cotton dresses. For the beauty-conscious, the summer months are the time when they can experiment with bold lips, bronzed cheeks and eye-catching makeup looks.

The sunshine and clear skies make you want to be bright and step up your game. When it comes to makeup, eye shadows are something most women focus on. In fact, many makeup institutes that offer makeup artist courses also teach various techniques of enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes with the use of eye shadow.


Why Opt For Bright Eye Shadows For Summertime?

Walk into any cosmetics store, and you will find an impressive array of eye shadow colors and with good reason. Summer is awash with colors, and most women like to wear brighter colored makeup during summer. Regardless of your eye color, hazel, green or blue, using the right shade of eye shadow can make them sparkle. If the latest international fashion shows are anything to go by, you will find that the 2019 summer is all about stunning eye makeup hues.

Summer is the time to pull out all the stops and be a little more experimental with your makeup. You can choose from playful, fun, and bright eye shadow colors during the warmer months and carry them off amazingly well with attire that is equally colorful and bright.


The Perfect Eye Shadow Hues for Summer

Let’s take a look at some of the best eye shadow colors for summer.

  • Chrome Yellow- Your summer make up kit would be incomplete without a stunning yellow eye shadow. Look for one with a matte finish that will provide color to your lids and is sure to turn a few heads.
  • Lilac-You will find several lilac-toned eye shadows that are perfect if you have brown eyes. These purple shades are one of the best ways to make your beautiful peepers even more attractive.
  • Pink- This is a show-stopping, head-turning eye shadow color and represents everything fresh, summery, bright, and playful. You can wear a bright pink shade on your lids and add some eyeliner to your lower lash line to create a superb impact. It will add a look of whimsy to your overall summer makeup.
  • Rose Gold-Applying a single layer of a rose gold eye shadow will add shimmer to your lids and make you look and feel amazing too. While this is a more neutral shade, it has the perfect balance of shimmer and color to suit different skin tones and ages. This color can add depth when you use it to line a brown eyeshadow, or you can apply it over your eyelids by itself. The options are truly endless with rose gold eye shadow.
  • Bright Green- Darker shades of green are a favorite among many women that won’t step out of their house without eye shadow. But you can always experiment with more fluorescent greens that have a very tropically satisfying look. These shades complement the colors of spring and colors as well as dresses from your summer wardrobe.
  • Bronze- From soft sandy shades to shiny neutrals and pale peaches, you will find bronze eye shadow in many hues. Look for something that suits your skin tone and works well with the color of your eyes. This is an excellent eye shadow color to wear to evening parties where you might want to sport a more neutral look.
  • Palettes- When you are buying eye shadow, and you aren’t too sure about which shade is right for you, opt for eye shadow palettes. These will have different tones in the colors you like. They give you the flexibility to mix and match different hues and come up with colors, unique to you. These pallets are a great way toadd the interest quotient to your everyday look.


Tips To get your Eye Shadow Perfect during Summertime

If you go to any makeup institute and sign up for professional makeup courses, you will learn that just having the best products and the right colors won’t help you achieve the right look. Once you have the products you need, it’s also essential to follow the proper eye shadow application techniques. Here are some pointers:


  • Use brighter eye shadow on your lower lash line while leaving your eyelids nude. Apply the pigment only like a liner and use an angled eyeliner brush to achieve the right effect.
  • You might want to go all out with the summer color theme and apply bright-colored eye shadow to the entire lids. However, consider using one color to the eyelids and then a brighter shade of the same color on the crease. If you focus in one area of your eyelids, that will lend a pop of color to your eye makeup.
  • Before applying any color, dab some primer to both your lids. This is especially true if you are planning on using metallic eye shadow. The primer will create a very smooth surface for the final application. It will also help prevent smudging and creasing, which are common problems during the hotter months.
  • If you don’t have eye primer handy, apply a bit of concealer or foundation instead. These will serve a similar purpose.
  • Before you apply any bright eye shadow, make sure that you use a concealer on your lids. That will help the eye shadow color pop once you place it on your eyes.


Most professionals at reputable makeup institutes will tell you that when you use brighter colors on your eyelids, you should opt for subtler shades on the rest of your face. So, stay away from overtly bright lipstick or blush. Keep your eyes bold and bright, but use nude makeup on the rest of your face. You can learn these techniques and other nitty-gritty of getting your makeup right at professional makeup classes.

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