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The Journey Beauty Hair Airbrush Body Program

This vocational 845-hour program is a deep study of the essential skills and advanced techniques of a beauty makeup artist with expertise in hair styling, airbrush makeup, and body painting. This makeup school program was inspired by and designed for the artist with a natural love of all things beautiful. If you have always had a passion for beauty, makeup, fashion, and artistic painting, this program was created for you. This program provides an in-depth study of our three most important courses to provide the fundamental knowledge required to be a well-rounded, highly skilled professional beauty makeup artist with the confidence and talent you need to succeed.

Photo Studio

At the completion of each course, each student’s final look will be captured digitally in our photo studio and professionally edited for the student to use in his or her portfolio. Additionally, throughout the program, students will apply makeup on models for a series of photo shoots designed to simulate actual working environments. The student will be provided all raw images throughout their program of study to use for their personal and portfolio use.

Career Services

Throughout the program, students will learn how to start and manage their careers. Students learn how to market themselves, including website, business card, resume, and portfolio development. Students are coached on their personal image, hygiene, punctuality, how to approach clients and be personable reflective listening, and appearance. Students are trained on the hiring process, including how to handle and prepare for a group interview, a one-on-one interview, and how to audition for retail and agency job interviews. Students are also provided with State Board registration information and training on how to set up their profile in the L Makeup Institute Job Board, as well as how to use it with maximum efficiency. Additionally, guest speakers from a broad range of applicable industries provide their perspectives and what they look for when hiring makeup artists and special makeup effects artists.

Upon Completion

Upon successful completion of this makeup school program, graduates will be prepared to work as entry-level to an intermediate-level makeup artists. Fields requiring this type of makeup artist training include, but are not limited to film and production, freelance, videos, makeup and hair agencies, weddings, salons, special events, photo shoots, print, runway, retail cosmetics, theatre, conventions, face painting, carnivals, prop maker, and festivals. Our programs prepare students for the occupation of “Make-Up Artist, Theatrical and Performance” (SOC Code 39-5091) and for occupations where knowledge of makeup artistry is required, such as “Retail Salespersons” (SOC Code 41-2031). More information on these professions can be found on the Department of Labor’s website.

Makeup Classes (Courses Included):

the Art of Beauty Course

520 Clock Hours / 16 weeks
Mastering beauty makeup is necessary for any makeup artist regardless of what makeup artistry or makeup effects industry you choose to specialize.

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Hair Styling for
the Makeup Artist Course

130 Clock Hours / 4 weeks
Hairstyling for the makeup artist is an essential skill needed to compliment the beauty makeup artist on film, photo shoots, runway, stage and print.

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Airbrush &
Body Painting Course

195 Clock Hours / 6 weeks
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced beauty airbrush artist, this comprehensive 195-hour avocational course will elevate your airbrush and body painting skills to the next level.

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