Institutional Financing Program

Institutional Financing Program

Institutional private loans and assistance is available through L Makeup Institute for those who qualify. The student may apply for institutional financing by completing a loan application provided by the Financial Aid Office. The applicant is required to have a good payment history and income that is sufficient to pay back the loan. Repayment terms such as interest rates, down payment, minimum monthly payment and repayment period vary by the amount financed and the overall strength of the application.

Steps to qualify for a private institutional loan directly with the L Makeup Institute:

  • Register with our Admissions Department (complete admissions application, provided proof of a High School Diploma or equivalent, and pay $100 application fee).
  • Complete L Makeup Institute’s (LMI) free Financing Application available through our Financial Aid Office.
  • Once we receive a completed LMI Financing Application, we will contact you with an approval and payment option(s), request for additional documents, or denial.

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