How To Get Your Best Brows Ever

Your brows lend structure to your face and frame it well. It’s why you need to focus on your eyebrows as much as the areas of your face. If you feel that you can’t care for them with regularity, schedule an appointment at a salon to get them shaped correctly. Aside from shaping, there are some other things you need to do to get your best brows ever. Here are some tips that will help:


  • Most people believe that tweezing is the very first thing they need to be doing. However, the fact is that it’s best to fill in your arches before you tweeze any hair. It’s the easiest way to avoidover-plucking. Once you have drawn the brow shape, tweeze away extra hairs. If you notice any redness, apply some ice to the area- that will help calm down any irritation.
  • Never fill in your eyebrows with a single strike of the products such as brow wax, powder or pencil. Use light flicking motions; it will help to create very realistic-looking hairs.
  • Avoid creating pointy arches as those give you an angry or upset look even when you’re not. Make sure the arcs are believable. Hold the brow pencil against your nostrils and then line it up in a diagonal line out from the center of your eye. This technique will help you create a subtle, natural arch.
  • Overextending the tails of your eyebrows can result in a droopy effect, as it will draw your face down. Your brows stop naturally at points that lift your face up and outward. That’s the effect you should look to achieve as it will lend a realistic touch to your application.
  • You can use an angled brush topped with your favorite brow powder, brow mascara or even a pencil. Then buff out all the harsh lines and diffuse them well. If you only draw the shape of the brows and do not buff them, it will make them stand out in an unattractive way. Take the time to create the desired shape by using tiny strokes.
  • Sweep the brow product throughout your entire brow. Depending on the look you want to create, you can define your arches at the point where your eyebrow starts and then work your way towards the bridge of your nose.
  • Apply concealer instead of a highlighter below and above your brows. Outlining your eyebrows with a highlighter spotlights your arches. Use a lighter concealer instead; it will brighten up and accentuate your brow area.
  • Give your eyebrows some shape. While the brushed-up, unruly brow look is in, that’s not the look we are referring to here. Tweeze excess hairs that seem to be outside the shape of your brow, so you have the perfect arches.
  • If you have overplucked in the past and have noticeable sparse spots, use a brow powder to fill them in. Then use a brow mascara to groom your eyebrows into place carefully.
  • Applying excessive amounts of brow powder at the outset can change your look entirely (not always in a good way). To avoid making your brows look too harsh, use a lightapplication to fill them in; create the intensity you want after that.
  • Accentuate your brows using the right brow color. The wrong color choices, while filling in your brows, will make them look “done.” It’s better to use two different shades and tones to fill in your eyebrows.
  • Blend in the eye colorproduct is a vital step to creating natural-looking, subtly attractive brows.


As you can see, it takes quite a lot of time, some practice and the right tools to get the kind of brows you want. You can experiment with techniques or get your eyebrows done from a good beautician or salon.

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