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Why Enroll in a Makeup School?

Comprehensive Makeup Education Beyond the Basics

In the world of makeup artistry and special effects makeup, the demand for versatile and technically trained makeup artists is ever-present. Most Makeup Schools offer a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that goes well beyond beauty and bridal makeup. This level of comprehensive makeup training remains beyond the scope of standard cosmetology programs, short workshops, or online makeup classes.

Mastering Various Makeup Styles

When choosing a makeup school or special effects makeup artistry school, make sure the makeup artist certification aligns with your career objectives. Prospective employers actively seek out makeup artists who have undergone technical training across the entire spectrum of makeup styles. From beauty and editorial makeup to airbrush, body painting, character creation, and special effects makeup, the ability to execute any job requirement is paramount for a professional makeup artist.

LMI Programs

Makeup and Special Effects Classes in all Styles of Artistry
Program One
845 Clock Hours / 25 Weeks
Deep study of the essential skills and advanced techniques required to be a well-rounded, highly skilled professional beauty makeup artist with expertise in hair styling, airbrush makeup and body painting.
Makeup Courses Included
1) Mastering the Art of Beauty
2) Hair Styling for the Makeup Artist
3) Airbrush and Body Painting
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Program Two
1072.5 Clock Hours / 32 Weeks
Deep study of the essential skills and advanced techniques required to be a well-rounded, highly skilled professional beauty makeup artist with expertise in hair styling, airbrush makeup, body painting, and special makeup effects.
Makeup Courses Included
1) Mastering the Art of Beauty
2) Hair Styling for the Makeup Artist
3) Airbrush and Body Painting
4) Special Effects Makeup
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What programs are offered at L Makeup Institute?
L Makeup Institute offers two Diploma Programs. Each program combines multiple courses to provide in-depth, comprehensive training in makeup artistry. The only difference is that one program includes our special effects makeup course and one does not.
What is the schedule for your classes?
The schedule is Monday – Thursdays, 8:00am to 5:30pm. We designed this schedule to give students Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off to handle personal affairs, work a part-time job to help pay for school, and/or prepare to start working in the industry.
How long are the Programs?
845 Clock Hours / 25 weeks

1072.5 Clock Hours / 32 weeks
Do you need a license to practice makeup artistry?
There is no such thing as a MUA license. While requirements for makeup artistry vary from state to state, MUAs are typically not regulated or licensed in order to work, but are certified for technical training by attending an accredited Makeup School before beginning their careers. This shows employers and agencies that they are professionally trained and in certain styles of makeup artistry.

In almost every state, certain types of makeup artistry are exempt from cosmetology and esthetics licensing and makeup artists are allowed to work in film, television, photography, print, fashion, music videos, freelance, mortuaries, or in a cosmetic retail environment without a license or passing a state exam. Before pursuing an MUA career, be sure you research state requirements within your area and the training programs that are available. Contact a professional makeup school to discuss your career goals.

For more information - https://lmi.edu/makeup-artist-certification-and-license-guide/
What does Accreditation mean?
Accreditors establish best practices, generally referred to as “standards,” and then ask a school to show how it is meeting (or exceeding) those standards. By attending an Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)-accredited institution, you can have confidence that you are attending a school that has undergone a rigorous accreditation process that has evaluated educational quality in the programs offered and that your school has shown that it is meeting ACCSC’s established standards.

Accreditation relies on experienced individuals – administrators, educators, and subject matter specialists – to review the quality of the education provided by your school. The accreditation process evaluates areas including the qualifications of administrators and faculty delivering the education; the relevance and adequacy of the curriculum, equipment and learning materials; and program graduates’ achievements and ability to obtain employment in the field.
How much do makeup artists make?
As with most careers, a makeup artist’s salary will vary depending on education, location, and experience. This means you’ll likely have to attend a makeup school to gain the skills and know-how necessary for a career in this field. For more information, click the following link to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes395091.htm
Can I take just a one class / course instead of a full program?
No. Our programs were designed to prepare students for the real world with the appropriate career skills, and deliver the fundamental technical skills needed to become a well-rounded professional makeup artist. It’s not enough to just be a great beauty makeup artist or special effects artist anymore. Employers are looking for technically trained makeup artists that are well versed in all areas of makeup artistry. To succeed, makeup artists must be able to perform any job needed which is why we offer a 1072.5-hour program. This is the number of hours needed to provide an in-depth study that encompasses all the essential skills as well as the advanced techniques needed in the industry to be successful.
Why should I learn Airbrush, Body Painting or Special Effects Makeup?
Airbrush Makeup, Body Painting and Special Effects Makeup are all an important part of Makeup Artistry. To learn Airbrush Makeup, Body Painting and Special Effects Makeup requires that you dig deep as an artist and challenge yourself to learn different techniques and forces you to discover another layer of creativity. By adding these layers, it helps strengthen your skills, makes you a more well-rounded artist, and create more job opportunities.
What experience do your instructors have?
Our instructors are successful working makeup artists and special effects artists with years of practical makeup artistry experience in freelance, retail, production, film, haunts, celebrity, etc. and go through a rigorous hiring and auditioning process before being selected for their position. In addition, LMI provides extensive and on-going training in teaching methodology and standards, LMI curriculum, and new and advanced techniques.
How do I get accepted to your Makeup School?
The L Makeup Institute Programs and Courses are open to individuals who are citizens or permanent residents, have a valid LMI study visa, are authorized to work in the U.S., or are protected by immigration policy or law. Students must also:

Be 18 years of age or older or 17 years of age with parent permission.
Provide a high school diploma, G.E.D. or its equivalent, or college transcript.
Complete a Student Application and pay a $100 application fee.
Secure funding to pay for the course or program of study.
Complete the interview process.
What jobs will be available once I finish school?
Our graduated find employment in a variety of industries including film and production, freelance, videos, makeup and hair agencies, weddings, salons, special events, photo shoots, print, runway, retail cosmetics, theatre, conventions, face painting, carnivals, prop making, and festivals.
Do you provide job assistance?
Yes. Developed by our Founder and Education Director, Lissette Waugh, the L Makeup Institute curriculum is recognized as meeting professional industry standards by employers, industry professionals, our Program Advisory Committee, and ACCSC. It is designed to prepare students to obtain and retain employment after graduating. Additionally, students receive training and support in resume writing, social media presence, and interview preparation.

Graduates in good standing have access to ongoing career advice, job placement assistance, networking, and experiential learning opportunities. Additionally, the L Makeup Institute offers an online Career Services System, where graduates are able to search and apply for jobs, register for career and professional development events, and get their resume, portfolios, and cover letters reviewed by a Career Services Representative.
What is your Graduation and Placement Rate?
For enrollments between September 2018 – November 2019:
Graduation Rate for Enrolled Students: 92.4%
Placement Rate for Graduated Students: 82.1%
Do I need to be artistic or have experience?
No. There are no pre-requisites for our programs. Bring a good attitude and commitment to learn; we will teach you the rest.
What is included in my kit?
At the L Makeup Institute, we understand the difficulties of starting your journey as a makeup artist and that building a makeup kit can be an expensive and time-consuming process. That is why, included as part of the total cost of the programs, students will be provided with an extensive makeup kit as well as use of lab supplies and materials throughout their class. All products included in our kits are from top brands, hand selected by our experienced and knowledgeable staff based on current industry trends and years of professional experience. Each makeup kit is designed specific for the student’s program and course of study and will provide everything the student needs to begin both their course work and their career in makeup artistry.
I’ve already learned to do makeup from watching YouTube. What would I learn from L Makeup Institute that I can’t get for free?
To be fair, there is a wealth of useful makeup knowledge, tips, and trends you can find on YouTube. In fact, we encourage you to explore it and learn independently. However, do not make the mistake of believing that you can substitute YouTube for professional training and still land the same jobs and earn the same level of client trust. There is no short-cut to becoming a professional makeup artist. It may seem easy, but learning makeup is an art and science that can only be learned though months of daily, fundamental, hands-on instruction and practice.
Is L Makeup Institute a Cosmetology School?
No. Cosmetology schools only teach hair, skin, and nails, lightly touching on makeup artistry. Cosmetology schools certainly do not teach airbrush makeup, body painting, or special effects. We believe makeup artistry can only be learned in person, hands on, with properly trained instructors and the proper equipment. Our specialty designed curriculum does just that. L Makeup Institute also provides kits and has a photography studio.
I went to Cosmetology/Esthetics School and they taught me makeup. Why should I pay to go to school again?
Attending a cosmetology program only scratches the surface of makeup artistry. Becoming a professionally trained working makeup artist takes months of full-time, daily hands-on training in all styles of makeup artistry including beauty, editorial, airbrush, body painting, and special effects makeup. This training is only available at an accredited institution that specializes in makeup artistry and special makeup effects education and requires properly trained instructors, curriculum written and developed for all styles of makeup artistry, products, kits, lab supplies, lighting and equipment to support the curriculum, and the knowledge and experience to deliver it properly.
Will I be able to afford it?
What are you worth? This is an investment in yourself, your future, and hopefully doing what you love.
We have resources and options to help you pay for your education. For those who qualify, these include federal grants and student loans, VA Benefits (Main Campus), 529 Savings Plans, and private loans through L Makeup Institute.
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