How To Match Your Makeup To Your Tattoos

When people apply makeup, they make sure it matches their skin tone, features, and even their attire. This detailing ensures their appearance is balanced, and their makeup colors don’t clash with anything else. If you have highly-visible tattoos on your arms, shoulders, and neck, you will need to make sure your makeup complements them well …
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What Can You Do As A Makeup Artist?

Most people don’t know that makeup artistry is a very versatile field, and there are several career options available to professionals in this space. Once you have your degree, the world is your oyster, and you can choose any opportunity that suits your skills and professional preferences the best. You can also do several side …
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7 Reasons You Should Choose A Career In Makeup

The makeup industry has grown phenomenally over the years. There are thousands of great products,  hundreds of influencers, and a lot of opportunities. If you have the right skill and personality, you can make it big in the industry. Here are some reasons why you should choose a career in makeup.


1.Fun Work Environment

Makeup artists work …
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How To Get Your Best Brows Ever

Your brows lend structure to your face and frame it well. It’s why you need to focus on your eyebrows as much as the areas of your face. If you feel that you can’t care for them with regularity, schedule an appointment at a salon to get them shaped correctly. Aside from shaping, there are …
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How To Choose The Right Beauty School For You

If you are passionate about beauty and everything connected to it, the time is right to take it to the next level. Certification from a well-established and credible beauty school can get you going in the right direction.

When you start your search online, you will find that many beauty schools claim to be best. However, …
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Lipstick Vs. Lip Gloss For Summer

The summer months may see you spending a significant amount of time outdoors. And that means you’ve been stocking up on SPF sunscreen and slathering it on generously too. However, almost 70 percent of people that use sunscreen tend to overlook one sensitive part of their body – their lips.

Most people are aware that the …
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