Lipstick Vs. Lip Gloss For Summer

The summer months may see you spending a significant amount of time outdoors. That means you’ve been stocking up on SPF sunscreen and slathering it on generously. However, almost 70 percent of people that use sunscreen tend to overlook one sensitive part of their body – their lips.

Most people are aware that the sun’s UV …
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How To Choose The Right Beauty School For You

If you are passionate about beauty and everything connected to it, the time is right to take it to the next level. Certification from a well-established and credible beauty school can get you going in the right direction.

When you start your search online, you will find that many beauty schools claim to be the best. …
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Why We Started L Makeup Institute

Childhood Inspiration from LMI’s Founder, Lisette Waugh

As a young girl growing up in a Latin household, fashion and makeup played a large role in how I expressed myself. I was drawn to high fashion magazines and devoted to trying to recreate the looks that I would see. I have very vivid memories of skimming through …
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How To Match Your Makeup To Your Tattoos

When people apply makeup, they make sure it matches their skin tone, features, and even their attire. This detailing ensures their appearance is balanced, and their makeup colors don’t clash with anything else. If you have highly-visible tattoos on your arms, shoulders, and neck, you will want to make sure your makeup complements them well, …
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Using Nature As A Reference For SFX Makeup

Special effects (SFX) makeup is challenging. You need to use your creativity and imagination to ensure the results are believable and impactful. Makeup artists draw inspiration from several things when creating looks. They look at both art and science, and many create looks of makeup inspired by nature. 

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your …
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L Makeup Institute Featured on Yahoo Finance

L Makeup Institute was recently featured on Yahoo Finance, dubbed “The Harvard of Makeup Artistry.” The article describes how L Makeup Institute (LMI) has become a well-known and prestigious institution for makeup artistry and special effects. Students are relocating to Las Vegas and Dallas Fort Worth from around the world to learn and hone their …
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Can I study makeup artistry in college?

If you’re passionate about makeup artistry, you may be wondering, “Can I study makeup in college?” There’s so much to learn about pursuing an education in makeup artistry and the different paths available to you. 

Unlike pursuing a more traditionally academic program like mathematics or English, makeup isn’t typically a major offered at most colleges or …
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What Does a Day at L Makeup Institute Look Like?

The L Makeup Institute faculty and staff are steadfastly committed to a culture that puts students first. They are already experts in their respective fields of makeup artistry and each has years of practical experience. Having these great technical skills is only part of properly educating students. How the curriculum is delivered is just as …
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