Special FX vs Prosthetic Makeup

Special FX and prosthetic makeup are everywhere in film, television, theater, and photography. There are many mind-blowing examples of how makeup can change the appearance of actors. Here’s what you need to know about special FX vs prosthetic makeup.

What is special FX makeup?

Special FX makeup, or special effects makeup, is any makeup that creates an …
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How the Beauty Industry Is Promoting Sustainability

The global cosmetics market is projected to reach nearly $430 billion dollars by 2022, with a shift in preference towards natural, organic, and herbal products. Alongside this shift, studies show that consumers are also driving change with a focus on embracing greener packaging and sustainable products. Roughly 80% of consumers indicate that sustainability is important …
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Why L Makeup Institute is So Unique!

L Makeup is a one of kind makeup artistry school in Nevada and Texas. We have a history like none other and we want to share our story with you. Learn more about our history and the programs we offer here at L Makeup Institute.

How to Sanitize and Disinfect Makeup

Just as much effort should be put into cleaning your makeup products as is put into your makeup routine. Products touch both you and your clients’ faces every day, making them a breeding ground for bacteria or diseases, should you fail to properly maintain sanitary conditions. 


Providing a safe, clean environment for your work is as …
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How Much Do Professional Makeup Artists Charge?

Becoming a makeup artist means more than just practicing your art—it may also mean running your own business. Professional makeup artists are often responsible for defining their own prices, regardless of whether they’re freelancing, working from their home, or working in a salon. There are several economic factors to consider when creating a price list. …
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Makeup Artist Salary & Job Outlook

Makeup artists get to enjoy the delighted look on someone’s face after enhancing their natural beauty, giving someone a new look, and even applying special makeup and prosthetics to help create characters for film and TV. Another perk of the job is that being a professional makeup artist can be lucrative.


As with most careers, a …
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How to Become a Makeup Artist

A passion for fashion and makeup can extend beyond your hobbies and pave the way for a career in the makeup industry. There are many types of professional makeup artists ranging from those that work in department or cosmetics stores, to those that work as freelance makeup artists for weddings, events, or fashion shoots, as …
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Makeup Artist Certification and License Guide

If you’re enthusiastic about makeup artistry, nothing is as exciting as turning that passion into your livelihood. It’s the perfect opportunity to earn a comfortable living while doing what you love. To work as a professional makeup artist (MUA), you need more than determination and knowledge of the latest beauty trends — you may also …
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