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Top 10 Careers That Cannot Be Replaced by Automation

The revolution of technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics is sounding the alarm for the future of employment and economic opportunities. Automation and artificial intelligence affect people and places, offering both the benefits of economic growth and innovation, as well as potentially adverse effects, such as job and labor replacement. An Oxford Economics report on …
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The Rise of Beauty Science Influencers and How They are Changing the Industry

Consumers are no longer complacently trusting vague claims made by beauty brands. With the prevalence of social media influencers and the internet, brands are being held increasingly accountable for their products. However, there is generally a knowledge gap between the average consumer and the ingredients that are included in products.

What Is a Beauty Science Influencer?

Beauty …
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Could the Beauty Community Be More Diverse?

The global cosmetics market is expanding and expected to reach roughly $430 billion by 2022. In this period of growth, the industry is evolving and becoming more complex to meet consumer desires and preferences to become more sustainable as well as diverse. The adoption of inclusivity and diversity has had a positive impact on the …
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How the Beauty Industry Is Promoting Sustainability

The global cosmetics market is projected to reach nearly $430 billion dollars by 2022, with a shift in preference towards natural, organic, and herbal products. Alongside this shift, studies show that consumers are also driving change with a focus on embracing greener packaging and sustainable products. Roughly 80% of consumers indicate that sustainability is important …
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Halloween Makeup Removal Tips

People familiar with makeup know it’s never a good idea to sleep with traces of product on their face. Makeup clogs the pores, causes acne flare-ups, and ruins your skin. Halloween makeup is even more challenging to remove because you use heavy products like body paint, glues, silicone, etc., to achieve the desired look. Here …
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Using Nature As A Reference For SFX Makeup

Special Effects Makeup is challenging. You need to use your creativity and imagination to ensure the results are believable and impactful. Makeup artists draw inspiration from several things when they create looks. They look at art, science, and most find inspiration from nature. If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your SFX look, you’re sure …
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10 Fall Beauty Hacks

Whether you’ve been looking forward to the cooler weather or dreading the end of warmer days, there are ways to transition into fall more easily. With the change in seasons, you should make some necessary adjustments to the skincare routine you follow, even in fall.  Here are 10 fall beauty hacks that will help you …
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