7 Reasons You Should Choose A Career In Makeup

The makeup industry has grown phenomenally over the years. There are thousands of great products,  hundreds of influencers, and a lot of opportunities. If you have the right skill and personality, you can make it big in the industry. Here are some reasons why you should choose a career in makeup.


1.Fun Work Environment

Makeup artists work at weddings, photo or video shoots, music events, product launches, and other similar settings. They aren’t stuck in an office dealing with the same people every single day. This dynamic work environment can help you stay motivated and stave off burnout. It is still a challenging and demanding job, but the atmosphere is casual, so you don’t feel too stressed out.


 2.Flexible Schedule

Successful makeup artists don’t have a lot of time on their hands and often maintain a busy schedule. However, they’re always in control of it. You can fill up your calendar when you feel most productive and keep it sparse on days you feel tired or worn out. This flexibility ensures you have a much better work-life balance than most modern professionals.


3.Networking Opportunities

Makeup artists often rely on word-of-mouth and develop a reputation in their field based on the quality of their work. Every assignment offers an opportunity to get to know new people and work with professionals in related fields. For example, a single photoshoot can get you in touch with a professional photographer, model, studio, and a few agents. Networking will help you get more clients and become more successful. The connections you build can also help you find opportunities if you decide to switch careers down the line.


4.Opportunities For Travel

Makeup artists often need to travel on assignments to different locations. They may accompany the bride to a destination wedding or travel to various event locations. They are also present at video shoots to ensure the models/actors always look good, etc. It isn’t uncommon for makeup artists to tour the country regularly and travel abroad for shows. If you love to travel, being a makeup artist is the perfect job for you. In most cases, you’re traveling on someone else’s dime, which is an added advantage.


 5.Creative Atmosphere

A makeup artist works with artists, creators, directors, and visionaries. This vibrant environment helps to stimulate your creative energies. The job will help you come up with different ideas, looks, and techniques. It will always keep your brain ticking, which means you’ll never get bored. Few other careers offer this much opportunity for creative expression. Makeup isn’t just about making people look pretty. It can also include adding exotic features, changing a person’s appearance, recreating wounds and burn marks, etc.


6.Job Security

Many people are wary of freelance work and relying on gigs but being a makeup artist offers a lot of job security. There’s always going to be a wedding, concert, event, movie, or photoshoot that requires your services. You can also establish a thriving side career as a social media influencer by starting a YouTube channel or creating tutorials on Instagram.  Competition is fierce, but there’s plenty of room for professionals to earn a good living.


7.Variety In Your Day To Day

Makeup artists do something new and exciting every day. One minute they’re creating a soft and beautiful bridal look while at the next they’re turning a human into a realistic-looking zombie. You won’t be stuck doing the same thing again and again, especially if you network well and take up more challenging projects.


As you can see, being a makeup artist is entertaining and engaging. If you’re looking for a dynamic and flexible career, this is a great choice.

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